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A powerful cloud solution for quality management

Quality Management is collaboration - to reach for the next level. Procedures and forms won't cut it. Modern businesses need really good IT solutions. Something that can be started in no time and gives all users control and overview. Try Focalcube today!
focalcube är ett molnbaserat system för ärendehantering, revisonshantering, dokumenthantering mm

Become customer support champions

No issues are forgotten. Problems are handled faster. Important problems are quickly given high priority and the customer receives continuous information. Become the best in the business on customer support!

Involve the entire team

In Focalcube, issue management is for everyone. Everyone gets insight and overview. As a manager, you can control priorities and anchor important changes - everyone sees and understands the problems.

Compliance with rules and regulations

It is not easy to comply with all laws and regulations, especially when working internationally. Focalcube has been developed to help you comply with GDPR, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, QSR and many other regulations.

Get the job done

Too much to do? Problems prioritizing? Difficult to get the team to take action? In Focalcube, all activities are gathered in a cohesive activity list. The system pushes on reminders and helps you prioritize.

Make the right decisions

As a quality manager, you can easily search for information and analyze trends. The system gives you completely new opportunities to visualize problem areas, which is a key factor in anchoring improvement projects.

Find the information you need

Free text search and advanced filter functions make it easy to find the right information. All views can be customized and exported to Excel for further analysis and follow-up.


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Focalcube has really helped us to be successful with continuous improvements. We can involve all employees in our issue management processes and effectively share information with our customers, partners and suppliers. Focalcube gives us a good overview and makes it easy to get things done.

Andreas Sundberg
Quality Manager, Swemac Innovation AB


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About Medos AB

  • Focalcube is developed and maintained by Medos AB in Linköping, Sweden. As experienced consultants, we know what it takes to make quality management systems work.