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Privacy and security

Here we have compiled all the information that is important for you to know about the privacy and security of the use of Focalcube.


Medos as a third party processor of information is responsible for the technical and organizational security measures in and around Focalcube. This means that Focalcube maintains the security needed, such as encrypted storage, access control, ability to make register extracts and delete personal data. Where there are no functions in the program for handling personal data, we have internal procedures for this at Medos.

Authentication and encryption

All data communication takes place with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Focalcube requires login with username and password.
Focalcube uses encrypted communication in the form of 256-bit SSL encryption and 2048-bit public RSA keys. All data communication to and from the user's computers is encrypted with SSL.
Focalcube applies password protection where the login process is fully encrypted, which means that no information is sent unencrypted. The user's password is encrypted when stored.

Storage and backup

Focalcube's services are operated by Microsoft in Microsoft Azure. Data is stored in Europe. All data is backed up regularly with Microsoft's standardized procedures.

Protection of knowledge and information

All personnel are bound by a confidentiality agreement that prevents the dissemination of data, information, and the customer's or user's personal data. Only authorized personnel have access to the information and the authorization is controlled by Medos.

Incident management

Medos has an incident management process for handling security incidents. The process clarifies the information flow, the routines that exist and the roles and areas of responsibility. An incident manager handles the necessary coordination, communication and responsibility for assessing, reacting to and learning from incidents to reduce the risk of it happening again.


Focalcube has really helped us to be successful with continuous improvements. We can involve all employees in our issue management processes and effectively share information with our customers, partners and suppliers. Focalcube gives us a good overview and makes it easy to get things done.

Andreas Sundberg
Quality Manager, Swemac Innovation AB


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