Successful quality management

Focalcube can help you succeed with continuous improvements


Ensure that the installation and service of equipment is handled correctly

One of the challenges for a quality-controlled business is to keep full control of the installation and maintenance of equipment and other assets. Focalcube gives you an overview and helps to document installation, preventive maintenance and remedial maintenance

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A user friendly asset registry

Focalcube gives you access to an asset registry where all necessary information about all types of assets can be registered, regardless of whether it concerns your own tools and machinery or equipment you sell and maintain for your customers under service contracts.

Powerful activity plans

In Focalcube you can easily create different activity plans for each type of asset. These activity plans can then be adapted in accordance with special conditions in various service agreements. This way you get full control of calibration intervals and other service requirements.


Focalcube issues a reminder to the person in charge when a planned activity approaches deadline. The reminder is sent out via e-mail and can also be accessed via the system's home page.

All documentation in one place

By using Focalcube, you can document installation, enter serial numbers on assembled components, upload service contracts and store service reports from both preventive and remedial maintenance. All documentation is stored in one place.

Full integration

Focalcbe's asset module is fully integrated with the Customers and Suppliers module. This means that through the customer view you can get a quick overview of the equipment you have installed at each customer site as well as any ongoing and completed remedial maintenance. Remedial maintenance is of course handled as tickets in Focalcube's issue management module.


Focalcube has really helped us to be successful with continuous improvements. We can involve all employees in our issue management processes and effectively share information with our customers, partners and suppliers. Focalcube gives us a good overview and makes it easy to get things done.

Andreas Sundberg
Quality Manager, Swemac Innovation AB


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