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Make your important documents easily accessible to all employees

Focalcube's document management module is an advanced yet easy to use tool for managing business documents. Because Focalcube runs in the cloud, you have access to your documents wherever you are.

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check Automatic document numbering    check Automatic revision numbering     check Full autit trail with revision history

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Finally a single place to publish documents!

Many organizations lack a natural place to publish their documents. They are often located in a folder on a file server where they are difficult to find and where current revisions are mixed up with old revisions and drafts of unknown relevance. With Focalcube you get a surface where your governing documents naturally belong, together with Focalcube's other modules that you use daily.

Easily separate and find documents

With Focalcube you can easily create separate document collections for your documents. This makes it easy to keep documents separated. You can also specify metadata that can be used for filtering and searching.

Flexible document numbering

A common problem in document management is handling document numbering. Many companies have an Excel sheet with document numbers and experience daily the frustration that arises when two documents happen to get the same document number. With Focalcube, you can decide per document type whether you want fully automatic or manual document numbering. For manual numbering, you get support from the system to select a free document number.

Full audit trail

Of course, Focalcube keeps track of all old document revisions that are accessed via the "Old revisions" window. As an administrator, you can also prevent your users from accessing old audits.

Quick preview

Focalcube presents a preview view of Microsoft Office files (Word, Powerpoint, Excel), PDFs, text files and image files. This allows all employees to read documents without having to download them to their computer.


Focalcube has really helped us to be successful with continuous improvements. We can involve all employees in our issue management processes and effectively share information with our customers, partners and suppliers. Focalcube gives us a good overview and makes it easy to get things done.

Andreas Sundberg
Quality Manager, Swemac Innovation AB


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