Successful quality management

Focalcube can help you succeed with continuous improvements


A simple tool for managing customers and suppliers

Many companies today lacka proper CRM system and a structured supplier registry. Many have lists in their business systems, but they are rarely available to all employees. Focalcube's module for customer and supplier management contains everything needed to make sales, customer support and supplier management work.

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Qualification and approval of suppliers

With Focalcube you can easily manage the qualification of your suppliers. Completed and upcoming audits are of course easily reached through integration with the audit module. As a quality manager, you can easily make it clear to the organization which suppliers are approved.

Integrated issue management

Of course, Focalcube is fully integrated with the issue management module. This gives salespeople full control of ongoing customer matters and an opportunity for a quality manager to easily get an overview of the collaboration with a supplier.

Integrated document management

You handle important documents such as letters, agreements and reports directly in the integrated document management solution. The system supports all document formats and of course maintains a full audit history for these documents.

Order and clarity - everything in one place

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With Focalcube, your team gets order and clarity and the opportunity to nurture both customer and supplier relationships. Collect all your contacts, categorize companies and contacts, add reminders, conversations, documents, etc. Avoid clutter, stress and info-hunting!

As a team, one of the challenges in all customer care and supplier management is to keep track of who promised what. With Focalcube, you can easily add completed and planned activities, such as customer meetings and audits. You can also enter notes and documents. The comment function allows you to easily exchange information and keep each other updated. All information gathered in one place!



Focalcube has really helped us to be successful with continuous improvements. We can involve all employees in our issue management processes and effectively share information with our customers, partners and suppliers. Focalcube gives us a good overview and makes it easy to get things done.

Andreas Sundberg
Quality Manager, Swemac Innovation AB


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About Medos AB

  • Focalcube is developed and maintained by Medos AB in Linköping, Sweden. As experienced consultants, we know what it takes to make quality management systems work.